"Believe in Today ......
                                    Hope for Tomorrow"



Our mission;  We are committed to helping children from single parent homes and giving them opportunities that they otherwise may not have, to pursue their Hopes and Dreams!

  Too often Fatherless and or Motherless children are not given the opportunity to pursue their dreams or ambitions in life. Many talented children that are passionate about learning the Arts, Dance, Singing, Music, Painting, Sports, Doctosr, Lawyers, or anything at all, often do not have those opportunities available to them. We are looking to form partnerships with local businesses like Art schools, Dance studios, Music schools, Gymnastic schools, as well as local Colleges, Schools, Instructors and Coaches for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, etc. that will help encourage children to NEVER GIVE UP on their dreams!
  We hope by partnering with these local businesses and Heroes that we can Inspire and provide the encouragement and support, that these children often NEED! A child's Self Esteem and Self-Confidence is extremely fragile and too often taken for granted! Single Parents working two jobs just to pay the bills, often do not have the time or money to spend thus, not allowing their children to excel in areas that they are passionate about. Please help us, help and inspire these children! Show your support through giving donations, or volunteering to help in any way! (see our Sponsors and Events pages for additional opportunities to show your support). We appreciate your time and know it is very valuable and hope to hear from you and to meet you in the very near future.


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                                        Thank You! :)